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3D A-to-Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary (Foreword by Ray Zone)

“Every page [of 3D A-to-Z] brings either entirely new terms or causes me to rethink terms I thought I already knew.” — Rick Baumgartner, 3D Visual Effects professional

“If 3D is the future of screen media, then [3D A-to-Z] is the handbook to guide you through the technology. Wide-ranging and up to date, with clear illustrations and diagrams. The definitions are crisp, authoritative and comprehensible even to those without a science background.” — Christine Geraghty, Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of Glasgow

A/V A to Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Media, Entertainment and Other Audiovisual Terms

A/V A to Z is ... destined to be the bible of the industry for at least the next century!” — Harvey Rachlin, Author, The TV and Movie Business

A/V A to Z [is] a must-have for students (and teachers) of film studies courses, from the most basic film appreciation class to the most advanced graduate theory seminar.” — Aaron Adair, Ph.D.


3D A-to-Z Book Cover

The process of compiling a dictionary or encyclopedia of media and entertainment industry terms (words, phrases, concepts, expressions, etc.).

[A blend of the French cinéma (the art or technique of filmmaking) and –graphie (writing about a specific subject).]

See lexicography.